26 January 2011

"Dolphin Ascendant" launch announcement

Exciting news on the freedom of information front:  we have launched a website where all of our digital copies of educational materials will be accessible.  Everything from encyclopedias to documentaries to copies of lesson plans and class notes will be available on "dolphin ascendant."  It will take a few months to get the hyperlinks working properly and a few more to increase our online storage capacity, but we do have a few things up already.  Because of fair use laws, access to the site is limited to people who ask us for permission via email.  I personally invision a future where access to information is not limited to those who have the money to afford internet access and educational materials.  Unfortunately, this utopic notion is not reality, but perhaps "dolphin ascendant" can play a small part in getting us there.  Just zoom an email to mydoglikeschz@gmail.com if you are interested in access.

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