30 March 2011

Fukushima Links

Home from SAS, will post about it soon.  Pressing matters at hand - here are some links to help you get informed:
  1. Al Jazeera video on Japan's nuclear crisis
  2. Al Jazeera video on total meltdown
  3. links to PDFs of radiation studies collected in Japan (the Google Chrome web browser automatically translates to English)
  4. map of radiation measurements taken in Japan
  5. ClimateProgress post on radioactivity releases 
  6. nonviolent philosophy's take on these events
These will help you stay informed:
  1. International Atomic Energy Agency Fukushima update log
  2. Ecosurvivor - tracking Japan's nuclear fallout worldwide
  3. BraveNewClimate technical discussion open thread 
  4. Wikipedia Fukushima current event page 
  5. World Nuclear News Fukushima update portal

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